Douglas 'Badger' Barnhart

Douglas "Badger" Barnhart
from Daytona Beach, Florida USA

I am the founder and President of Badger.Org, Inc. I am the webmaster and designer of Virtual Reality Mall, the most awarded business Web site on the Internet, which has consistently ranked as one of the 50 busiest shopping sites on the Web. I am one of the founders of the Animated GIF Artists Guild. I also started Badger's Pick of the Day award, which is ranked as one of the best daily awards by the Awards Site.

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Badger Enterprises, established in 1987, was primarily a consulting firm. We specialized in LAN (Local Area Network), computer communications, and computer graphics. Our expertise and experience ranged over a much wider field, such as custom programming, training, hardware design, hardware repair, hardware maintenance, virtual reality programming, web site design, and commercial photography. We are located in Daytona Beach, Florida, but our client base and staff are worldwide. Our success has led to the evolutionary child of Badger.Org, Inc.  The staff of Badger.Org is capable of every level of Web site development, multimedia creation, and marketing. If you are interested in having your project done by one of the most advanced and awarded design teams, you can contact me by e-mail at

Virtual Reality Mall, Animated GIF Artists Guild, Associated Web Artists Guild, Direct Mail Express, Yahoo, Caligari, PerfectCall, Jack Russell Terrier Association of America, DME Australia, Hot Off The Press, Higginbotham Chevy-Olds, Response Mail Express, DM Success, ZZAP.Net, Virtual Shoppers Club, and many others.


First Place in the Yahoo/Caligari VRML competition

My sites have been featured in books, newspapers, television, magazines and on Web sites around the world.

I have been a guest judge on many of the Internet's GIF competitions.